Moved into my own apartment this month. After 16 showings, I finally stumbled upon this one and fell in love with the fireplace right away. #WHPTheGreatIndoors

Today is my last #findingartfriday with my friend @edgilardon. Thought it would be fun to draw on top one of Ed’s beautiful Chicago views :] Going to start a series with these to put a little twist on my #chitecture photos. Thanks Ed for letting me be a part of his project. 👊 (at Threadless HQ)

Happy Batman Day! This is also the revival of my #superawkwardyears series that I started a couple months ago. I’ve gained a bit of confidence to start posting more art thanks to everyone’s kind words so I’m going to start posting these regularly in my feed amongst all my other adventures. Thanks for the continued support! 👊 Check out the hashtag to see the first 3! Who should I do next?! (at Threadless HQ)

Bird of Prey

"You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself."

-Seth Godin (at North Avenue Beach (Chicago))

Been a huge fan of @shewasamonster’s work so I may have fangirled out a little when I got to see her and @crush_entity share their talents on one of the garage doors at work. The two of them make up the rad duo #HotDose (at Threadless HQ)


"The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you."

- Neil Degrasse Tyson

Crazy sunset, crazy hair.

Proud of my brotha @alexmdc for making it into Art Crank this year and delivering a dope print. Check this little exhibit out! (at Expo 72)

Thank you to the wonderful @rosecameronceo for sharing her vision with us last night. She runs a cool company called @wataah that is currently collaborating with street artists to promote healthy hydration with kids. Here she is in front of an amazing piece by @rafaelsliks. Be sure to check them out! (at Moonlight Studios)