Bowled a 64 yesterday. I guess you could say I’m pretty #blessed (at Timber Lanes Bowling Alley)


Ending the night with this grown-up snowcone of a cocktail at @TheBerkshireRoom thanks to #poppays! (at The Berkshire Room)


Two oat sodas, Gary. (at Timber Lanes Bowling Alley)

This morning a bird tried to fly through my window about 12 times before it realized there was a… window. The first time scared the crap out of me. The next 11 gave me a chance to capture it haha. Here’s a screen grab from the slo-mo video I took. (at The Walton Resort)

Couldn’t be prouder of one of my best friends, Nathan, on the release of his book today. Seems like just yesterday you were showing me the first pages while we searched for the best pancakes in NYC. Really happy to know that even more people will see just how awesome and talented you are.

His book, NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette is now on sale at Amazon! Buy it - you won’t be disappointed. :) (at Threadless HQ)

One day my roommate is going to walk out of his room and see me standing on a chair taking an aerial shot of the table. Until then, I will keep posting my grown-up dinners of bacon potato soup and a sandwich.

Running to catch that Damen bus. #latergram (at Racine (CTA Blue Line station))

Here comes the sun. (at Haus of Farts)

West loop wanderin’ (at 🚊)

+10 tourist points for me!